Please go to  and follow the instructions that best suit your browser if you have trouble with one or more of the following:
  • Viewing any images for Recorded Land, Land Court or Plans
  • Printing any images for Recorded Land, Land Court or Plans
  • Viewing more than one page of a multi-page Recorded Land, Land Court or Plan image.

Note to 64-bit users: If you have a 64-bit system, but are having trouble installing the 64-bit version, try installing the 32-bit version.

If you have previously installed AlternaTiff and have begun experiencing problems, please click here to visit their webpage and reactivate it.  Please note that this may not work if you have Windows Vista, you will need to go to the homepage and reinstall from there.

If you have issues installing AlternaTiff or if you cannot register AlternaTiff on your browser click on Internet Options (from the Tools menu) and go to the Security tab. From here you can lower your security level, and then try installing AlternaTiff again. After installing, you can raise your security level back to the previous setting.

If An Image Opens in Quicktime:
Open your Control Panel (to do this, click Start, then click Control Panel) and look for the blue Q (it should say "Quicktime" underneath it.  Double click the icon.  Click on the browser tab and then click the Mime Settings button. Click the + next to Images and uncheck TIFF image.  Click Ok and Ok again to close the windows.

To Download Adobe Reader please CLICK HERE.
You will be asked to select what Operating System you have also which version you are on. (See note below to see the version you are on)  Then click the Continue button. You will then have the option to select a version of Adobe you want then click on the Download Adobe Reader button. On the next screen you are asked if you want the Google Toolbar. If not uncheck next to Free Google Toolbar then click the Download button. 

NOTE: To check the Operating System and version you have go to Start, Settings, Control Panel. In the Control Panel double click on System icon. This will open the System Properties window. You will see the system information in the General tab.



OS X v10.0 or later

When using the Safari web browser, clicking on the “Image” button at the Registry website may bring up the first page of the document with no access to the following pages of the same document. Also, the downloaded file does not appear in the designated Downloads folder. If so, view the additional pages as follows: Save the file on the desktop (or elsewhere) by clicking the “File” menu, select “Save As”, specify the name of  the file and destination (e.g. Desktop) in the Save As window, and then click “Save”. The TIFF file icon then appears on the desktop (or where you saved it). Double clicking on it will open the application Preview, with all pages available for viewing or printing. To see a given page, click on the page icon in the right margin (“side bar”). If you can not see the page icons, click on the little side bar icon in the upper right corner of the Preview window

When using the Firefox web browser to view a deed or index, click on the "Image" button from the Registry website. A dialogue box will open asking if you want to "Open with" or "Save file."  Select "Open with". This will open another box from which to select an application to open the image. Click the "Choose" button and select "Preview" (it may be listed as "") and click open.  This will open the file in Apple's Preview application and allow you to view and/or print the document in its entirety.

OS 9 or earlier

Tiff images may be viewed easily by downloading the shareware application Graphic Converter.  If this does not work there is a product called Accel ViewTIFF. This link will take you to their website where a free demo can be downloaded and tried for 15 days.